"In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him." ~ Psalm 95:4

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What An Amazing God!!

Good Morning!!

Have you ever had one of those days that you simply have to drop to your knees and thank GOD that you have everything you do?? I am having THAT day and I simply have to share with you my experience!!

Because of where we live in the mountains, I have two options when I go into work; I can go to my office in Denver or I can work in Colorado Springs. If I go to Denver, I listen to KLove and whole-heartedly support their ministry. However, if I go to Colorado Springs, I listen to KBIQ which is a local Christian radio station. This morning, I decided to go to The Springs. I don't usually pick up KBIQ until I get almost to Woodland Park so this morning I was listening to KLove. The topic of discussion was how God has used an event in your life to shape your beliefs and make you who you are today. I was thinking to myself of all of the times that God has intervened to point me in the direction of HIS will. I then started thinking to myself that I needed to pick up a book to send to my adoptee out at the Lutheran Valley Retreat camp. I had decided I was going to stop and pick up The Shack for him because I really believe everyone should read this book.

So when I could no longer listen to KLove, I switched over to KBIQ. They were doing the birthdays when I first flipped over so I thought nothing of it. About 10 miles from my destination (the bank to cash my jewelry check so I can go to Manitou to buy beads this afternoon), they started doing an interview with the author Kristen Jane Anderson (at this point I hadn't caught the name) of Life, In Spite of Me. I started to listen to the author talk about the experiences that had led her on her journey to a personal relationship with God; it is an amazing story. I don't want to spoil it should you choose to read it yourself but to hear her tell it was a big fat slap in the face for me. I got to the bank and was going to run in fast so I could get back into the car to listen to the entire interview. However, the bank was closed when I arrived. So I stayed in the car and drove through the Starbucks drive through so I could stay engaged in the story. When I got back to the bank parking lot, the bank was open but I simply could not tear myself away. I listened intently as the author talked about how one event changed her life forever. When it was over, KBIQ was giving away three copies of the book to callers 7, 8, and 9. I have attempted to get books from this station before but I have always just heard that silly busy signal. Today it began to ring and the answer on the other line was "Good morning KBIQ - you are caller 8." I instantly started crying.

People, God put me there to hear this woman's amazing story and to pick up a copy of this book. Right now I'm not sure if He has meant it for me or for someone else (as mentioned earlier) but I have it in my hands. I started reading it right away and I really think He intends for me to read it first and then share it with others (sorry Indiana).

In fact, I want to share the message to the reader at the very beginning of the book:

"To God. You are the reason that I live. Thank you for everything you are. I will love you forever. To anyone who has ever questioned the point to life or wondered why you're alive, and those who want to help the hurting. This book is for you."

In my selfishness, I oftentimes forget that others are hurting just as much as I am. There are others who I can help by sharing the good news that God has a plan for us. I have to trust in Him that he will provide exactly what I need to be His hands and feet. I hope my blog is step one...

God's Blessings!!

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  1. Our God is an Awesome God! Will be looking for this book!


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