"In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him." ~ Psalm 95:4

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Feature: Breast Cancer Awareness Lanyard

Good Evening!

My husband has started a new job which involves him to a) work on Saturday and b) take the only Mewes camera with him on the day I like to feature one of my new pieces. So, rather than force the Saturday feature, I'm renaming it to the Weekend Feature to allow for some flexibility on posting!

This week, I have attempted something way out of the norm for me; an ID badge lanyard. Because of my passion for finding a cure for Breast Cancer, I thought that my first one should showcase Breast Cancer awareness beads. I'm happy with the way this one turned out but I can already see some changes that I would like to make; specifically to the connection in the middle. I love the HOPE script slider but the cost is just a bit more than I feel comfortable spending. Plus, the cost of the lanyard would go way up!

I like the fact that instead of a boring lanyard, a person could really dress up their ID badge for work with one of these. Feel free to check it out in the store and then tell your friends. I can custom one for you!

God's Blessings!

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