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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blog Ring Featured Artist: Trusk4u

Good Afternoon!

The best intentions definitely have gone awry this week as I had to travel to Phoenix and have had very limited access to the forums, Facebook, and quite frankly all of the social networking sites. I'm happy to say that I am at the airport on my way home and have a little bit of time to sit and do some catch up.

This week's featured blog ring artist is a fellow musical lover and a fantastic jewelry artist by the name of Trusk4u (a.k.a. Teresa). You can visit her Etsy store and find just about any style of jewelry to suite your needs. I personally wish I could work with wire half as good as she can!

You can also find Teresa spending time helping out other handmade artists in the Handmade Artist Forum. She always has kind words of wisdom and is willing to provide help to new and seasoned artists alike. Take some time today to visit her and you won't be sorry!

God's Blessings!


  1. What a nice blog, I dont know Teresa personally but she sounds like a lovely person, her jewelry is definitely lovely!

  2. Teresa's work is lovely, and cheerful!

  3. Teresa's jewelry is so fresh and beautiful. Wonderful post, even if you have been busy!

  4. Wow, thanks so much for the lovely post! I'm flattered!

  5. Wonderful post about a truly darling artist!


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