"In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him." ~ Psalm 95:4

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly Bible Study: Uncharted Waters

Good Morning!

I haven't been home to put together the weekly Bible Study for my blog so I'm back with one that should make up for it!

In Joshua 3, God leads his people right to the edges of a much flooded Jordan river. After a short chat with Joshua telling him what to do, God follows through with his plan to get His people safely across. I can't help but to think of just how scary that must have been! To trust that you are going to be able to safely cross a flooded river...

Then I begin to wonder, has God ever led me into such a situation? I have to admit that I think he does it on a daily basis. How can I possibly know when God is leading me to an area that looks scary buts ends up being a part of His plan for me? I know Christ and that is all it takes folks!! So how can I possibly know that I am going to be alright when God leads me down a path of uncertainty? Again, I point to Jesus Christ and the knowledge that He will not lead me astray because of His plan. He has one for me and I have to trust in it no matter what. The key here is that I have to be sure that I am asking that God's will be done and then trust that it will be. The blessings that I can receive when I follow and trust in the Lord are countless. The most important is that I am a part of the body of Christ; a sister in the holy family.

There are just three sources to know God's will; the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and the 'mind of Christ'. I try every day to allow the Spirit to fill me and to lead me in the ways that God would want me to go. Is it tough? YOU BET!! Sometimes the way of the Devil seems like a much easier road to follow. However, I simply have to trust that God will lead me down the correct path; the one that fulfills His will.

The best example (I think) in the Bible of what happens when you do NOT follow the will of God is in 1 Chronicles. David is moving the ark. He confers with all of the people around him but yet forgets to consult with God. He ends up putting the ark on a cart rather than transporting the thing in the proper manner. While walking, one of his men trips and falls into the ark. If you have ever seen the Indian Jones movies, you know that touching the ark is most definitely a bad thing! This guy is struck down dead on the spot! While that pretty much sucks for him (being killed by the wrath of God means you won't be spending eternity in Heaven I'm sure), it taught David a valuable lesson; consult with God in ALL that you do and He will lead you down the correct path! Like I said, following and trusting in God is definitely the way to go!

The Bible tells us that in doing God's will we will receive the promise of eternal live. How AWESOME is that going to be?? God has sent His Holy Spirit my way but I have to get my feet wet in order to see what He has in mind. That sounds like a great plan - I'm going to go get my water socks...

You can read more about following God's plan for you:

God's Blessings!!

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