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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Ring Featured Artist: Handmade Artist Forum

Good Morning!

I logged in this morning to get a leg up on posting my featured artist this week since I have to travel and don't know when I will have a chance to post and to my surprise, I'm in my own blog ring as the feature!! I'm so excited! However, that means that I don't have anyone to feature this week. Rather than take the week off, I thought I would take you on a little tour of the Handmade Artists' Shop and Forum. By the end, you will want to jump on board and join in on all the fun!

Your first stop must be the Handmade Artists' Shop. On the main page, you will see the Hot Deals listed in each shop. To the right, you will see a drop-down arrow that allows you to search by artist. You can also shop by category; notice that the range of items is pretty much endless! Register to purchase products and shop to your little heart's content. OR, you can become a member and sell your wares instead. The price is next-to-nothing and you will have the support of some amazing people! So whether you are looking to buy or sell, the Handmade Artist Shop is a must!!

I mentioned that you would have the support of some amazing people in the shop. That is because there is also a perk to go along with the shop; the Handmade Artist' Forum. Kids, you don't want to miss out on the fun here! You can ask questions, you can post work, you can participate in blog rings. Quite frankly, this is THE BEST source for your handmade needs! The support you receive will be just what you need to boost your confidence into selling your handmade. If you don't want to sell but you like handmade and like to participate in forums, then this is your source for learning new techniques and ideas for all that is handmade. You have access to discussion boards, live chats, and a fantastic buddy system. You definitely need to check it out!

Are you more the Facebook guru? You can find everything on the Handmade Artists' Forum or the Handmade Artists' Shop Facebook pages as well. Like Twitter? Seriously check out the HandmadeForum Twitter account and Tweet about how much you love Handmade Artists' EVERYTHING!


God's Blessings!


  1. It really is a great forum full of wonderful people!

  2. Great posting about HAF Jennifer! And congrats on being featured this week! Can't wait to read what everyone has to say about you :)

  3. Excellent article about HAF! It really is the best bunch of folks around!

  4. Thanks so much for the wonderful post. That is very kind of you!

  5. A wonderful post about HAF - it really does rock!


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