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Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog Ring Featured Artist: Reef Botanicals

Good Morning All!

This week in the blog ring, I would like to point you in the direction of the Reef Botanicals. The owners and creators are the great and powerful Larissa and Eric. This husband and wife duo make soap, candles, and pretty much whatever comes to their creative minds!

Note: Being one who has made an attempt to make my own soap and candles (and failing miserably) I love to see a couple who work together to keep up looking and smelling our best!

I logged into their blog last week and was hit with the fact that Larissa and Eric are beer snobs. I love beer so naturally this post intrigued me. Yep! You guessed it! Eric brews his own beer and Larissa makes soap out of it. I LOVE IT!!

Please take a moment to hit up their fan page on Facebook to learn more about this exciting venture in making our world better!

If you are into Twitter, you can follow their posts and know in an instant what is going on!

Are you interested in purchasing some of their fine product or learning even more about what Reef Botanicals has to offer? Check out their online catalog.

With that, I say cheers!! I seriously need to check out this soap; if it has a natural smell though, I may never be able to go to work again. Of course, that may not be all that bad...

God's Blessings!


  1. The products from Reef Botanicals look so yummy, and what an amusing and informative article!

  2. What a concept, beer soap! Thanks for your great post.

  3. What a nice article. Larrisa and her husband really do make wonderful products!

  4. LOL, thanks for the rave review!

  5. Love her soap, I have some in my shower right now. Larissa also has a shop here Reef Botanicals

    Great Post!

  6. Wonderful post! Now I know where to re-supply my husband with the beer soap!

  7. Great post about some wonderful handmade peeps!

  8. My all time favorite soaper! I have a few of her styles and can't wait to work my way through the rest of her line.

  9. What a great idea!!! Beer soap!!! I'm with you though, I'll leave the soap end of it up to the professionals!! Great post!


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