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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Learn to Master Thin Wire

Good Evening!

This afternoon, I was so excited because I received an email telling me I can learn to master thin wire (which is my biggest nemesis when it comes to making jewelry). I would LOVE to learn to wrap wire like so many of the pros out there! There were some fantastic tips in the email:

1: Keep thin wire tightly rolled so it does not kink. I keep mine in small plastic pop-top boxes, but even a zip-top plastic baggie that’s close in size to your roll will help.
2: If you get a kink in your thin wire, just use a pair of nylon-jaw pliers to straighten it. Keep in mind that the wire, especially non-precious-metal wire thinner than 24-gauge, weakens greatly at the kink point, so do your best to keep it straight.

3: Wire thinner than 24-gauge is obviously not as strong as thicker wires, so avoid using it for weight-bearing loops unless you’re doing some kind of tricked-out design like Cecelia Guastaferro’s Tiny Wrappings.
4: Because thin wire is so easy to bend, it may be tempting to work more quickly with it than you might with thick wire. Don’t. Work slowly and make purposeful bends, wraps, coils, and loops.
5: The upside to thin wire is that you can easily manipulate it with your fingers. For instance, there’s no need to grasp it with a chain-nose pliers to coil it or wrap it. In fact, it’s probably better to use your fingers or nylon-jaw pliers to handle thin wire so you don’t mar it.

That's it - then the email tells you to click on their link to order your free issue of their magazine. Okay, I'm game so I click on the link. You have to order a subscription for them to send you the free issue. UGH! I would rather PREVIEW before I buy. So - maybe some of you out there in the world already have a subscription to this magazine. Is it worth it?? Comment below and let me know. Thanks in advance!!

God's Blessings!

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